Dec. 6, 2006: Amador Ledger Dispatch—Sharing a Ride

Summary: "The narrow road west down Highway 16 is clogged on a typical Friday afternoon, bumper to bumper brake lights twinkling in a visual symphony of rush hour gridlock. Welcome to Amador County.

New bypass notwithstanding, traffic is a pervasive and perpetual issue in the Mother Lode, and something that has only recently prompted those in the traffic arena to begin considering commuting alternatives.

Foremost among them is Renee Chapman, the project facillitator for a ride share program just getting off the ground in the tri-county area. In effect providing a database for commuters traveling to and from the same area to combine resources, Chapman worked for several years to get the pilot program off the ground in Amador County. Now with the sponsorship of the Amador County Transportation Commission and grants from Caltrans and Valley Clean Air Now, a nonprofit advocacy group in the San Joaquin Valley, providing congestion and air pollution relief to Amador, Calaveras and Tuolomne counties may finally be on the road to reality."

If your commute is getting you down, why not try logging in to a ride-sharing program’s database? Carpooling may be easier and more pleasant than you think. One week you drive, the next week someone else does. Some workplaces and transit programs even provide the vehicle for you, saving even more wear and tear on your own. As an added bonus, you can feel good about playing a part in reducing congestion, air pollution, and petroleum dependence.

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