Want a Tesla Model X and can’t be bothered by those pesky lines? Now’s your chance to get a creampuff. A “brand new” P90D is being offered by its owner with just 500 miles and is available to buy now but there is a qualifier to this potential sale.

Since there are more than 40,000 Model X reservation holders and this is a special Signature edition for which some people have had to wait long to get, this vehicle is being offered with a convenience fee added in. The surcharge is 60 percent over sticker, or best offer.


The seller lists MSRP at $134,200 but is requesting $215,000. This is $80,800 more than what Tesla originally asked for the car, or nearly the MSRP of a base Model X with 70 kilowatt-hour battery.

“The reason I’m selling is because I don’t really need an SUV right now,” said the seller of the crossover.

Tesla buyers have been known to express distaste for traditional car dealers who play excessive profit games. In this case, the nearly loaded Model X represented as for sale by owner could be considered to be probing what the market will bear.

If interested, it comes in the “rare Signature Red color,” has black Nappa leather interior with black Alcantara headliner, and has many other amenities including the largest battery. However, Ludicrous speed mode for quickest 0-60 time is not listed.

It could be a great addition to your driveway. All details listed below.

Source: Panjo.

Source: Panjo.