An article published by recently highlighted efforts by Republicans in Congress which the writer contends are attempting to reverse much of the progress made in the last two decades relating to clean energy and environmental sustainability.

The fun and games are scheduled to begin next week, says the article, when Grand Ol’ Party leaders will attempt to railroad through a bill called the Strategic Energy Production Act.

This stacking the deck in favor of the oil industry, says, shows how “hollow” is the GOP’s mantra on energy that “we shouldn’t pick winners and losers” – with an inference against clean energy initiatives.

Instead, contends the piece, “the most anti-environmental House of Representatives in the history of Congress” will show it very much is picking a winner in seeking to free up more federal-owned land for drilling oil and natural gas.

Besides this new piece of legislation, amendments to existing efficiency programs have already been tabled, with aim of cutting funding for efficiency programs, such as R&D on wind technology, clean vehicles and even international commitments to assist developing nations in the pursuit of utilizing clean energy sources.

Although the article does take a somewhat sensationalist approach, it highlights what others have said is a rather worrying situation – increased pillaging of natural resources and consumption of fossil fuels, at a time when much of the world is looking at ways to conserve both the environment and such energy use.

As had been said in other quarters, the author makes a case that could be said to illustrate just how out of touch the GOP has become with the average American citizen. Saying current leaders not even trying to hide their duplicitous intentions, the piece observes ways in which they’re blatantly placing the interests of big money and big oil ahead of other issues, such as high unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, the need to reduce emissions, and alternative sources of energy.

According to the article, what is perhaps ironic, is that some of the programs designed to promote clean energy use, were put in place by Republican administrations in the first place, which at the time of introduction were not viewed as “stripping away consumer rights” – a view that contrasts substantially with the modern GOP.

Obviously we know which side of the aisle the ThinkProgress writer would sit on. We find the argument compelling, but are curious also what you think about all of this? Constructive comments that can support your views are welcome. via Clean Technica