Model 3 production has been a headache for Tesla since the start, but a new report shows it may be better news than once thought.

According to FT Alphaville, Tesla Model 3 production is beginning to stabilize and the production process is improving. Additionally, the fourth general assembly line (GA4), which exclusively builds all-wheel drive Model 3s, is making a significant contribution.

The report comes from¬†automotive analysts Eversource ISI Research in London, which Tesla invited into the factory in early August. According to the team’s findings, the overall process is smoothing over, but rough patches are still present. Specifically, Tesla reportedly still has issues with the highly automated general assembly line number three (GA3).

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GA3 appeared to show frequent teething problems and shutdowns related to equipment calibration. The good news is tweaks to the machines’ calibrations is not a capital-intensive fix. With the issues, the line built a Model 3 every 65 seconds. Tesla has also replaced its conveyor belts from a floor to the main assembly with human workers as the parts’ weights would often trip up the belt. 120 workers now haul and unbox the parts manually.

Outside at GA4, the tent assembly, the line is making roughly 20 percent of all Model 3s. Production at GA4 was reportedly smoother since it requires a quarter to a third as many steps as a regular production line. As mentioned, the line only builds AWD Model 3s, which makes for fewer steps in the process.

After reviewing the processes, the team said Tesla should be able to build 7,000 to 8,000 cars per week once calibration issues are totally sorted.

[Source: FT Alphaville]