A new Honda Fit EV could be in the works, according to a recent report.

Honda has allegedly entered into a partnership with Contemporary Amperex Technology, one of the largest automotive battery makers in China, to develop the next-generation Fit EV. If all goes to plan, the vehicle will cost the equivalent of $18,000 in China and will have a range of 186 miles, or 300 kilometers. It will be introduced in China before later expanding to other parts of the globe. Honda is aiming to sell about 100,000 units a year.

In addition to the Fit EV, Honda is also hoping to work with CATL on electric vehicle testing and production techniques and technology. CATL is poised to have the largest share of the global automotive battery market by the end of this year at 19 percent. By comparison, Panasonic, which supplies lithium-ion cells for Tesla’s and Toyota’s batteries, has a 15.5 percent market share.

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The first-generation Honda Fit EV (pictured above) was introduced in July 2012. It featured a small lithium-ion battery pack and a single synchronous AC electric motor, providing a driving range of 82 miles. It featured battery cells manufactured by Toshiba.

It’s not yet clear when Honda may share official details on the rumored new Fit EV.

[Source: Nikkei Asin Review]

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