Challenges facing wider market adoption of EVs are widely documented.

Those challenges include, in no particular order: Falling fuel prices, charging times that are still perceptibly too long, and ranges that are still too short.

While noting the first of sub-$40,000, 200-plus-mile EVs are on their way, one Business Insider report suggests issues will continue to slow growth of widespread EV adoption.

For one, the report observes the addition of a fee to Tesla’s Supercharging network that was previously free, as well as a research and development shift to self-driving cars that could spell trouble for EVs achieving larger market share. Notably omitted is any mention of the prospect of self-driving cars being powered by electric motors.

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The Business Insider piece does highlight true challenges that face EVs, but takes a decidedly negative tone. There are encouraging signs in the EV market as well – such as the announcement of an ultra-fast charging network in Europe.

Certainly, greater EV acceptance will require longer ranges, cheaper sticker prices for vehicles (not counting tax credits) and faster charging that takes no more time or money than a fuel stop for a gasoline-powered car. And, if gas prices rise and fuel-economy standards remain high, that will also boost the market.

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So while there are challenges, they do not unequivocally mean a “nightmare” scenario. There are reasons to paint a case for optimism or pessimism, depending on one’s perspective, but the actual future is likely to be shaded much more in gray than white or black.

Business Insider