The Renault Zoe was the top seller in Europe last year, coming in just a hair past the Mitsubishi Outlander.

The European Alternative Fuels Observatory reported that the all-electric Zoe came in at 21,337 units sold versus the plug-in hybrid Outlander finishing at 21,328 sold in 2016. The observatory tracks plug-in vehicle sales in European Union member countries.

Rounding out the battery electric vehicle chart were the Nissan Leaf with 18,557 units sold; the Tesla Model S at 12,353; the BMW i3 at 9,726; and the Volkswagen e-Golf at 6,666 vehicles sold. For the plug-in hybrid category, the VW Passat GTE had 13,248 units sold; the VW Golf GTE at 11,351; the Mercedes C350e at 10,231; and the Volvo XC90 PHEV closing the year at 9,586 units sold.

The Renault Zoe repeated its title as best-selling all-electric car sold in Europe, and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV took top-selling plug-in hybrid for the third year in a row. The Outlander PHEV did see sales drop 32 percent from the previous year in Europe.

The Nissan Leaf switched places with the Tesla Model S, which dropped 26 percent from 2015 sales in Europe. While the Tesla Model X all-electric SUV didn’t make the top five, it did see an increase of about 2,000 units during 2016.

Renault Zoe record breaking sales year 2016

The BMW saw i3 sales leap 56 percent, which may have been inspired by its new 33 kWh battery.

Volkswagen saw a mixed set of results. The all-electric e-Golf dropped down to fifth place with a 40 percent decline in sales from the previous year. The plug-in hybrid Passat GTE jumped to second place in its first full sales year and a whopping 175 percent increase over the previous year. The Golf GTE dropped 35 percent from the previous year, down to third place.

The Mercedes C350e and Volvo XC90 PHEV climbed up the list to fourth and fifth place, respectively, on the plug-in hybrid sales ranking.

Last year saw a benchmark in European plug-in vehicle sales with units passing the 200,000 vehicles sold mark for the first time. They reached 1.3 percent share of the market with about 209,000 vehicles sold.

Battery electric vehicles made for 10,617 units sold in Europe in December versus 18,462 plug-in hybrids. The agency reported that BEV registrations remained flat for the year, but PHEVs were down 23 percent. That seems to have been affected by an all-electric vehicle sales surge in The Netherlands from generous government incentives coming out in December 2015.

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For the year, BEVs grew about 4,000 units over 2015 to 91,000 registrations. PHEVs grew about 17 percent to 117,000 units sold.

The observatory will be watching to see how the Opel Ampera-e MPV and Smart ED rollouts do in the BEV segment; and the BMW 530e and second generation Porsche Panamera do in the plug-in hybrid segment.

For overall plug-in vehicle sales during 2016, Norway had the largest share at 29 percent of the European market. Iceland came in second at 6.3 percent, followed in third place by The Netherlands at 6 percent.