Renault has chosen the Azra Network as its Canadian distributor for its all-electric Twizy city car.

The announcement came May 23 at the annual electromobility day – “electromobile Ile-des-Soeurs.”

It was there that Renault France representatives named the official importer of its electric vehicles in Canada.

According to Azra Network VP Daniel Turcotte, homologation procedures are underway for the 40 km/h and 80 km/h versions of the same car, otherwise known as the Twizy 40 and Twizy 80.

Photo credit: AVEQ.

Photo credit: AVEQ.

Orders are being taken for the car starting at just below $17,000 Canadian and details are being worked out between the Azra Network and Transport Canada and Transport Quebec.

At issue is the car is considered a light four wheeler and defies present categorization, but Turcotte estimates first customer deliveries could take place as soon as September and says so far they have around 60 reservations.

The vehicle configured for 40 km/h (25 mph) speeds is for all intents and purposes what the U.S, would classify as a neighborhood electric vehicle. At 80 km/h (50 mph) it could go on some higher speed roads, but it’s still being recommended only as a city/suburban car.

Availability is throughout Canada Turcotte said, and the business model is unlike traditional dealerships. Rather, “the dealer will come to you,” he said in a phone interview.

The order process for the 6.1-kwh EV starts by contacting the company or inputting a request for info on the Azra website.

The Twizy is the only Renault EV for now in consideration for import, but Turcotte said the Kangoo van is another one being discussed.

Renault’s Zoe will reportedly not be introduced as it would not pass side impact testing. A second-generation Zoe however being developed is designed with European and North American requirements in mind, and so that could be something in consideration later.

There are presently no plans to offer the Twizy in the U.S. but Turcotte said the Azra Network would explore the possibility, and if feasible would like to do so.