Renault Samsung Motors has introduced a new all-electric sedan, the SM3 Z.E. to its vehicle lineup.

The SM3 Z.E has notable improvements from its past version, a 2013 model called the Fluence Z.E., featuring a 57-percent increase with a range of 132-miles (213-km) and a 36 kWh battery capacity, up from 22-kWh. Design upgrades are modest, with a modified front grille and lower profile despite no increase in weight. It is the brand’s only three-box saloon styled vehicle with clear distinction between its engine, passenger, and cargo “boxes,” or compartments. The SM3 Z.E’s retail price is roughly $38,000, now available for purchase.

According to the Korean Transportation Safety Authority, with a citation from Renault Samsung Motors, a single charge should last five days, based on an average daily trip of 24.6 miles (40 km) in South Korea. All numbers are based on Korean’s type approval cycle.

“Groupe Renault, Europe’s number one EV brand and the market’s pioneer, is in the process of introducing second-generation versions of its electric vehicles,” said Gilles Normand, SVP of electric vehicles at Renault. “ As laid out in our Drive the Future plan, this process will enable Groupe Renault to strengthen its geographical and segment coverage and foster a step-up in the electric vehicle market.”

The model is a hit amongst state-run fleets and taxi operations in South Korea, with an April purchase of 1,200 cars by the South Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Renault Samsung Motors is a joint venture between the French automaker and the South Korean electronics giant of exploding Galaxy Note 7 fame. As a group, they have seven models in play covering mid-range, electric and luxury vehicles, operating exclusively in South Korea with more than 190 sales locations. Alone, Renault and its subsidiaries have quickly developed as one of Europe’s leading auto groups with more than 3 million cars across 127 countries in 2016.