Renault’s commercial vehicle division, Renault Pro+, officially launched two new versions of the Kangoo all-electric van.

At the Brussels Motorshow in Belgium, the French automaker showed off the new Kangoo Z.E. with longer range and the all-new Master Z.E. large van.

The next-gen Kangoo comes with a new battery, motor, charger, and other improvements. A new 33-kWh battery, called Z.E.33, carries the van to a new range of 270 kilometers (167.7 miles) compared to 170 km (105.6 miles) from the previous version. These driving range figures are based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), and would be shorter range in the U.S. following Environmental Protection Agency measures.

Recharging time is being cut down with a new 7-kW AC charger WallBox from Renault. A full charge will take about six hours. This more powerful charger can charge up the van for a range of 35 km (21.7 miles) within an hour. That’s based on the charging being done in a temperate climate.

One of the improvements added to the Kangoo Z.E. deals with better managing weather conditions. A heat pump linked to the air conditioning system is able to maintain driving range in cold weather.

The new Kangoo Z.E. is being assembled in France. It goes on sale in the Europe market starting in mid-2017.

Renault said has brought its expertise in electric vehicles overs to a large, heavy van, in the soon-to-be-available Master Z.E.

Renault Master v3

Master Z.E. is being primarily targeted to fleets that operate last-mile distribution services in cities, along with large municipalities and local government. The large van will be customized to the needs of the buyer based on load characteristics, range, and charge time.

It’s equipped with the Z.E. 33 battery battery and the R75 motor, which the automaker calls “an engine of advanced energy efficiency,” It produces output of 57 kW/76 horsepower, and is inherited from the Renault Zoe.

The Master Z.E. has a range of 200 km (124.2 miles) based on NEDC measures. Its battery can also get a full charge in six hours with the new 7-kW WallBox.

Renault has scheduled the Master Z.E. to arrive in the European market at the end of 2017.

Light commercial vehicle customers can also take advantage of new connected services that other customers can access, including Z.E. Trip and Z.E. Pass. These services enable an easy charging at one of Europe’s 80,000 public EV charging points.

This year, Renault Pro+ will also be rolling out a number of other connected services dedicated to business users, starting with two services, the “Fleet Management” telematics service, and “Predictive  Maintenance” offering real-time information on the vehicle’s condition.

“With (the) new Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E., Renault Pro+ is continuing to expand its tailor made offering dedicated to professional customers, while developing connected services for business users. We are confident that our professional customers will experience our zero emission connected vans which will significantly contribute to better business as well as driving experience,” said Ashwani Gupta, global head of light commercial vehicle business, in the release.

Renault Pro+ now offers companies and governments in Europe two other electric light commercial vehicles: Twizy Cargo, a quadricycle with a boot launched in 2014, and a commercial Zoe based on the new longer-range passenger Zoe launched in September 2016.