French automaker Renault took to the 2016 Paris Motor Show to show a new concept, pointing the brand’s way into the future.

The concept is claimed to be, of course, all-electric and fully autonomous, though it’s mostly an exercise in future design than technology. One of the most visually striking features are the small hexagonal air intakes on the hood which can open and close.

Power is pegged at 350 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque with a motor derived from Renault’s Formula E race car.

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To enter the car, the entire top canopy lifts and moves backwards, while some neat exterior lighting is fitted to alert people when it is in fully autonomous mode. The steering wheel is also able to tuck away when the car is driving itself, allowing the driver and passenger to use the windshield in front of them like a massive panoramic screen.

As a pure concept, Renault has no plans to produce the Trezor, but watch for some of its design cues to filter down to Renault and possibly even Nissan products.

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