Toyota has initiated one of its largest recalls in the company’s history. On Wednesday, the automaker told Reuters it is recalling just over one million Prius and C-HR Hybrid models globally.

The recall stems from a fault in the cars’ wiring harnesses for the hybrid power control unit. The wires may chafe and potentially catch fire. The recall only applies to 2016-2018 Prius models in the United States with 192,000 cars affected, but globally includes the C-HR Hybrid. The fault was first discovered in Japan when an owner’s Prius began to smoke.

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The wires may come in contact with the control unit’s cover, and if dust collects on the wire or cover, vibration may eventually wear down insulation and cause a fire. Toyota did not report any injuries due to the recall and the only documented incident is the sole smoking Prius in Japan.

Prius owners in the U.S. will begin receiving notice by mail later this month.

[Source: Reuters]