Blessing or Curse?

When you think about it, cars a pain in the neck. First of all, there’s the expense. Think about how much you spend every day just keeping it going: gas, parking, service, loan payments, insurance…There must be a better use of that money.

What if…? That’s always a good question. What if you could take the money that goes down your tailpipe, and put it towards the daily cost of an alternative means of transportation, like a taxi or shuttle service. When you need a vehicle for longer periods of time, like for moving things or for vacation travel, you could rent one. Is that so outrageous?


Just imagine the difference to the environment. Not just the air quality but also the roads. Less driving and less stress on you and on society. If you really want to imagine a different way, what if those rented vehicles had low emissions or zero emissions? After all, the technology exists.

It’s time for each of use to rethink how we move about on a day-to-day basis. If we all voiced our opinions on alternative transportation, and encouraged private companies to create new transportation services, it could make a real difference to the planet. And think of the money you might save. Hmm. What would I do with that extra money?

All this raises an even deeper question. Do we own our cars or do they own us?

Andrew Grant is the world’s first hybrid taxi driver. He introduced his Prius taxi to the not-so-mean streets of Vancouver in 2000, and logged 200,000 miles in just 25 months. Andrew’s Prius was snatched by Toyota. The automaker wanted a chance to study the durability of the hybrid batteries and other components, which held up amazingly well. See this video for details. He’s now driving his third Prius. Andrew has taken a break from taxi-driving, and now works as a professional coach helping his clients achieve personal excellence in various fields of endeavor.