Nov. 13, 2007: Source – NBC17

Plug-in Prius

Advanced Energy, a Raleigh-based non-profit research firm is experimenting with plug-in hybrid technology with the hopes of finding solutions for achieving even higher fuel economy than the current hybrid standards. Advanced Energy joins a growing number of non-profits, universities, and private companies who are doing similar testing in an effort to push automakers to continue raising the bar on efficiency for consumer markets.

In this case, Advanced Energy has taken a half dozen Toyota hybrids, added plug-in capability, and then re-engineered them to get more then double their normal gas mileage. The cars are equipped with data-collection computers which monitor several key areas of operation, including how much of a load they put on the electric grid when they recharge. The vehicles are then being put to real world use by the City of Raleigh and various electric utility companies.

The conversion to plug-in capability required the implementation of a wiring kit and the installation of an extra battery pack. The result is a hybrid obtaining up to 100 miles per gallon.


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