This week at the Shanghai Motor Show, the Chinese-Israeli automotive manufacturer Qoros revealed its adventurous new 2 PHEV concept.

Drawing on a mix of Chinese and German design features, the 2 PHEV is looking to appeal to “young, open-minded and efficiency-conscious consumers” according to Carscoops.

The 2 PHEV’s design includes pushing its wheels out to each corner, giving it a meaner, more stout look. As well, the vehicle incorporates bamboo into its interior, a spoke inlay that pays tribute to the Year of the Goat, and continues with the Chinese based motif in its color scheme.

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As far as what’s under the hood, Qoros decided that it wants the 2 PHEV to include a plug-in hybrid powertrain coupled with a turbo engine of unknown displacement proportions. The petrol engine will power the front wheels, while a pair on electric motors stationed in the rear wheels create an all-wheel-drive scenario.

An interesting addition to the 2 PHEV is how the vehicle is charged, there are two jet-fighter like refueling panels stationed at the base of the windscreen that flip up while charging.

“This concept car is a strong indicator of our long-term plans – combining our commitment to expanding our prodcut range with our desire to innovate and be different,” stated Phil Murtaugh, CEO of Qoros.