Cars of 2029 will be networking together and interact intuitively with humans, according to Chinese automaker Qoros

To show what it is capable of, Qoros has entered the LA Auto Show Design Challenge with its “Q: QorosQloud Qubed” concept.

The 2014 competition brief looks ahead 15 years to 2029 by challenging automotive design teams to explore how technology will transform vehicles to connect with human senses by then.

Votes on the LA Auto Show’s FaceBook page will determine the winner of the competition’s People’s Choice Award.

The “Q: QorosQloud Qubed” submission from Qoros – designed by Jamie Barrett, Aditya Mahajan and Alex O’Brien amongst others – is said to “conceive an intelligent, multi-dimensional personal management assistant. Qoros said its Q will learn from the driver over a period of time through the five senses, with the dynamics of the vehicle/driver relationship modelled in much the same way as a human relationship, developing and growing over time.”

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Qoros continued by stating Q is designed to learn the user’s tastes, favorite restaurants, music preferences, regular destinations, friends, family and general interests. This knowledge is built up throughout the ownership period, with Q learning more every day. Q is designed to maximize safety by identifying when the user is distracted or driving irresponsibly, quickly switching to an autonomous driving mode.

“We are extremely proud of our entry for this year’s LA Auto Show Design Challenge,” said Tim Pilsbury, Design Director at Qoros Design Shanghai. “We pioneered the innovative QorosQloud connected services technology in our current real-world model line-up, so it was exciting to look ahead 15 years to conceive further developments of the platform. The Q: QorosQloud Qubed concept forecasts a futuristic smart human-machine interface, linking the car to the driver’s senses to create the ultimate connected driving and ownership experience.”