Propel Fuels launched the company’s first Clean Mobility Center yesterday in Fullerton, California.

There are more consumers today driving alternative vehicles types, embracing renewable fuels, and seeking cleaner means of transportation. In response to the changing habits of today’s drivers, Propel’s new stations introduce renewable fuels (E85 Flex Fuel, biodiesel blends) alongside the conventional fuels (gasoline, diesel) that drivers use today. With a focus beyond fuel, Propel stations enable drivers to offset carbon from their fuel purchases, improve their vehicle’s fuel economy, find rideshare opportunities, tune bicycles, and recycle on the go.

The new station model provides a highly visible platform to introduce the benefits of renewable fuels to a mainstream driver base alongside conventional options in some of the most underserved renewable fuel markets.

Propel states that it believes they are the first in the nation to offer drivers to offset carbon emissions from their fuel purchase right at the pump. Propel does so by directly funding clean air projects through Propel’s partnership with the Foundation.

Propel’s Fullerton station is one of a growing network of locations built in coordination with the California Energy Commission’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology program. The stations are working to reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in support of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard by increasing the access to alternative fuels for California’s motorists. California boasts the largest fleet of alternative fuel vehicles in the U.S., making the state an ideal partner for Propel on this project.

Clean Mobility Centers also utilize green design and sustainability practices that promote cleaner transportation in the communities they serve. Starting in Fullerton, each station will have free air stations for tires to increase vehicle miles per gallon (MPG), education centers offering information on local public transit and rideshare options, innovative bicycle tuning centers, recycling stations at the pump, and in the near future, emerging fueling types such as natural gas and electric vehicle charging.

Propel will continue to work with the very best current and next-generation fuel suppliers to bring responsible, high performance renewable fuels into all its fuel blends.

Propel currently operates stations throughout California and Washington State with more than 200 stations planned for new and existing markets over the next two years. The company’s network of stations will include a mix of their traditional Clean Fuel Points (renewable fueling stations co-located with traditional fuel stations) and the new Clean Mobility Centers.