The Los Angeles Auto Show has produced the proverbial quirky urban city car, this time with the debut of an electric car project called Redspace.

The brainchild of Chris Bangle, a former BMW lead designer for 17 years turned design firm head, this all-electric city car prototype is called by its shortened name Reds, short for “Revolutionary Electric Dream Space,” produced by Redspace, a new Chinese car company.

The rear-wheel drive has a lengthy list of odd configurations, resembling a more-box like yet asymmetrical Smart car, with half moon windows, sliding doors, an extending roof for rain protection, an A-pillar wing-like structure, asymmetrical side windows, and drooping rear overhang.

A solar roof also powers the inside components without using energy from its battery.

On the inside, the four-seater is true to its office space utility goal, featuring a 180-degree rotating driver’s seat and a 17-inch infotainment screen that retracts to a third of its viewing area when the car is in motion. Other include folding steering wheel and rear jump seats, and a wraparound rear seat/bench and a built-in foot massage integrated into the floor.

According to Redspace, the Reds will also be able to reach a top speed of 31 mph. No word yet on driving range.

The purpose of the Red was to create a commuter-centric solution for office work in highly trafficked areas, particularly for young car buyers. With China suffering from massive traffic congestion, the automaker is planning to introduce it to the market first. The idea is for commuters to achieve better productivity in traffic jams, with an in-car suite that addresses work and collaboration.

The car will be built in collaboration with China’s CHTC Motors and Exa Corp., a new energy vehicle production, and sales company and aerodynamics firm.

Look for the Reds at the L.A. Auto Show’s West Hall through Dec. 10 before going on the market within the next two years.