Dec. 31, 2006: Grist—20 Predictions for 2007

Summary: "Last week I reviewed the top ten green stories of 2006. But looking back is easy. What’s going to happen in 2007?

I have no clue. But being wrong carries no penalty in U.S. punditry, so I’m going to make a few predictions anyway. Twenty, to be specific."

These predictions don’t seem to be too far out, even the depressing ones. Who could possibly believe that a developed country would actually succeed in consuming less oil and/or emitting less CO2 in 2007 than in 2006? No changes in farm subsidies, no raising of CAFE standards, no exit strategy from the latest quagmire.

On the bright side, ANWR will remain pristine and big business—including the biggest of them all—will see the economic sense in keeping its customers breathing and above water.

Any other psychics care to take a stab at 2007?

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