Oct. 25, 2006: Consumer Reports: 10 Best and Worst Cars for Depreciation

"Which cars hold their value the best? According to Consumer Reports’ depreciation ratings, several affordably priced models–such as the Toyota Prius hybrid, Mini Cooper, and youth-oriented Scion models–hold their value better than higher-priced sports and luxury models. And while all of the top 10 models have either Japanese or European nameplates, nine of the bottom 10 are domestic models. Contributing to their high depreciation is the fact that many are older models, commonly used by fleets and rental companies, and often heavily discounted."

Prius tops the list of ten best value holders, and Honda Civic (including hybrid) anchors that list. Domestic dogs like the Buick Rainier and Ford Crown Victoria are among the worst. But look at the above paragraph…it says "nine of the bottom 10 are domestic models." Someone please point out the non-domestic on this list: Ford, Buick, Lincoln, Dodge, Mercury, GMC, and Chrysler. They must mean Chrysler, as in DaimlerChrysler. But then Dodge should be considered exotic as well.

And why offer excuses for poor performance? The three minivans and four SUVs aren’t known as big fleet or rental cars, and neither are the Lincoln Town Car or Mercury Grand Marquis. The only vehicle that could possibly suffer for its ubiquity is the Ford Crown Vic.

Perhaps the list should be allowed to speak for itself.

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