Over last weekend Fisker, Inc. founder and namesake Henrik Fisker tweeted a version of the EMotion all-electric sports car will be released this summer.

The tweet for the 400-plus mile per charge, 161-mph showpiece says it will be released on Aug 17. and what’s revealed is to be a working prototype, based on previous comments from Fisker.

Fisker also affirmed that it will be 20-percent lighter than any other car of its size. New proportions included in the design include an extremely low hood, he tweeted.

The new photos included show the raised butterfly doors, another distinction for the EMotion.

The lightness of the EMotion will be based on carbon fiber and aluminum construction, according the company. Fisker also says that the EMotion won’t get a lithium-battery but instead will gain energy from graphene supercapacitors.

The two Twitter posts followed an announcement last month that the startup has an agreement with The Hybrid Shop to service future Fisker cars.

Fisker, Inc., will tap into the shop’s network of 36 existing EV and hybrid service centers in 14 states, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, and Alberta, Canada. That network will be growing to more than 300 locations by 2019 in the U.S. and globally, through both “organic growth” and franchising.

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The service centers will have technicians trained to work on Fisker vehicles and all other hybrids and electric vehicles. Owners will get service and warranty repairs for their Fisker electric cars.

Services will include electric powertrain repairs, energy storage-related tasks, and body work at selected locations. Technicians will have access to the latest Fisker diagnostic equipment, repair tools information, and software updates.

The startup electric carmaker also said that the price and production timing for the EMotion will be announced at the unveiling in August.

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