On Wednesday Jan. 6 General Motors intends to showcase its 200-plus-mile range 2017 Chevy Bolt but in the meantime, images were captured from a CNET video.

The pre-production car with graphics emblazoned and lights that will not be on the production version looks otherwise much like spy photos already published.


Opinions have noted it looks like a car built with a budget in mind, which it is, but this is the vehicle that will offer as much EV range as a 70-kwh Tesla Model S at close to half its price.

Zero-to-60 time is reported as under 7 seconds, and of course this vehicle features instant torque, top speed not stated, as are myriad other powertrrain details.

Merging some elements of a Chevy Volt, inside it reportedly is “comfortable with plenty of space” and features a unique MyLink infotainment screen.


Preset apps let you customize your own profile and provided is info pertaining to one’s driving habits and thus electric range is presented.

Customizable regenerative brake feel is also made available, says Jalopnik which captured these images.