Jan. 8, 2008

Porsche Panamera

Porsche AG said it will introduce a hybrid version of its yet-to-be released Panamera sports sedan. The company previously announced plans to build a hybrid-powertrain version of the next generation Cayenne SUV in 2010. A hybrid Panamera would be sold as late as 2013. Both vehicles will use the same full-hybrid system capable of running on its gas engine, solely via its electric motor, or a combination of the two.

The Cayenne hybrid combines a 3.6-liter direct fuel injection gas engine with an electric motor and 38 kW, 288 volt nickel metal hydride battery pack. The batteries are housed beneath the luggage compartment, which is normally accommodating the spare wheel. The four-wheel-drive vehicle uses a full hybrid system, with the clutch and electric motor positioned between the engine and the transmission.

The new Panamera Gran Turismo will make its debut in 2009 with a non-hybrid drive. Porsche is investing more than €1 billion in the development of the Panamera, its fourth model series. The new car is a premium-class Sports Coupé with four seats and four doors.

Porsche promises that the hybrid version of the Panamera will provide the performance expected by Porsche buyers, minus the high fuel bills. Compared to the conventionally powered Panamera, Porsche claims 30 percent better fuel economy.


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