Intent by Porsche to produce the Mission E as a Model S competitor has been well publicized, and recently the German automaker has been spied in Scandinavia doing cold-weather testing.

Introduced as a concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Mission E features an 800-volt fast charging system to recharge 80 percent range in 15 minutes and a reported 330 miles total range on the European cycle.

Faux tailpipes are even cleverly installed to try to fool photogs, but absent was any of the boy-racer soundtrack Porsche is known to include as part of the package on one of its gas-powered cars.

Looks good with the logo license plate, doesn’t it? Tailpipes are truly zero emission, as this sports sedan has no engine.

Plus, this is clearly not a new Panamera, Porsche has nothing else in the works known like this, so the quiet EV was clearly identified and photos were taken.

Acceleration (not on snow and ice) is supposed to be 0-62 in 3.5 seconds, and 125 mph will be reached in the 11-second range. That’s right quick, less quick than Tesla’s ludicrous P100D which does 0-60 in 2.5, but the vehicle promises to do a trick Model S cannot – turn laps at race tracks at full tilt.

Porsche has said little on the track-worthiness details – which translate also to full speed for long winding roads without the battery overheating causing the car to cut power like a Tesla can experience. But, track worthiness is part of the mission for Mission E.

Why? Because 1) it is expected by Porsche buyers that a sports sedan is more than a straight line sprinter, but actually able to be driven hard and reward the driver with that experience, and 2) Porsche’s philosophy would have it no other way.

The car manufacturer with LeMans wins and innumerable other racing victories in its storied history is on board with meeting EU regs, but not at the expense of what makes a Porsche a Porsche, it has said.

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Expect a curb weight as low as can be while encumbered with a massive li-ion battery, and suspension and brakes intended to let the car be balanced with road holding capability coupled with blistering speed.

Quicker versions are reported also in the works after the first models are released around the end of this decade or early next.

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Tesla fans have said Porsche is shooting at a moving target, and this is true.

No doubt Porsche knows that, and much is riding on its foray into EVs expected to keep it in business in the wintry cold of austere emissions regulations that its former cars of glory days would be frozen out from.

Throwing down a bit of an implicit gauntlet, Porsche mildly snubbed Tesla chief Elon Musk in the above video (0:57) hinting its e-cars are about a driver, not a celebrity CEO or “media coverage.” And, while so far it has nothing like Tesla, Porsche does have a great automotive name to live up to, so we shall see how well the Mission E is executed, and look forward to shootouts between it and the Model S.


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