Porsche has dispelled with any doubt about whether the upcoming Mission E is targeting the Tesla Model S.

An anonymous Porsche engineer who’s not involved in the development of the Mission E heaped praise on the car, before an unnamed Porsche product manager took a shot at the Model S in an interview with Automobile.

The engineer said that the Mission E will be “something special,” and that company is working to ensure that the car is “a true Porsche through and through.”

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Meanwhile, the product manager had this to say: “It’ll be something entirely different than any of its competitors, across the board.” He went on to add: “The thing about [Tesla’s] Ludicrous mode is that it’s a façade. Two launches saps the whole battery. That won’t be the case with the Mission E. You’ll be able to run it hard, over and over; the battery will not overheat, the power control module will not overheat, and the seats will not suck.”

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The Mission E concept uses two electric motors to make more than 600 horsepower, and it’s possible Porsche will offer two lower trim levels with power outputs of 500 and 400 horsepower, respectively.

Range for the concept is being estimated at 310 miles, with a recharge time of 80 percent capacity in 15 minutes, with the car being capable of wireless charging.

A launch date is unclear, with 2019 seeming to be the most likely date.