It’s a brave new world. In a Porsche-produced interview, CEO Oliver Blume mulled the possibility of a battery-electric 911 sports car.

The interview with Blume spans a range of topics but opens with the possibility of an electric 911.

“I would venture to predict that, by 2030, the sportiest Porsche will have an electric drive. Who knows – maybe by then even our iconic sports car, the 911, will be electric,” he said.

However, he quickly followed up the comments suggesting that Porsche will not totally abandon the internal-combustion engine. Blume perhaps hinted at the idea of a battery-electric 911 variant alongside traditional models powered by an engine.

“I am not going to do anything hasty,” he added.

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When speaking of how Porsche plans to continue differentiating itself in a world where off-the-shelf electric motors seems entirely plausible, Blume said many other characteristics will define a Porsche car. But, he also hinted that a Porsche “e-motor” will be unique.

“I really doubt that motors of the future will no longer be a distinguishing characteristic,” Blume added.

The comments on an all-electric 911 are in stark contrast to what Blume has said in the past. Last month, the CEO said there will never be an all-electric 911, though a plug-in hybrid 911 will likely come to sit as a range-topping variant for the sports car’s portfolio. He did suggest a battery-electric 718 seemed more plausible in his previous comments.