Popular Science has named the Acura NSX hybrid as a “Best of What’s New” winner.

“The Best of What’s New awards honor the innovations that surprise and amaze us – those that challenge our view of what’s possible in the future,” said Cliff Ransom, editor-in-chief of Popular Science. “The award is Popular Science’s top prize, and the 100 winners – chosen from among thousands of nominees – are each a revolution in their respective fields.”

When Eric Adams with Popular Science saw the car at its Detroit Auto Show debut, he described the NSX as “sleek,” “edgy and complex.”

“But the big story here is the hybrid motor integration,” said Adams. “Two electric motors drive the front wheels, while the gasoline engine has its own embedded electric motor to power the rear wheels. The result is an all-wheel-drive system allows for precision-directed power distribution and, of course, improved fuel efficiency.”

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Acura released full technical details on the NSX last month, rating the hybrid’s total powertrain output at 573 horsepower. Before it leaves the factory, Acura uses a dyno to break in the supercar so that upon delivery, each $150,000 (or so) NSX is track-ready and capable of reaching its top speed of 191 mph.

Beyond the intricate powertrain, Adams also remarked on what Acura calls “a holistic approach to thermal management and aerodynamic performance.”

“The low, wide stance is driven by performance and aerodynamic advantage, with shaping that directs airflow through the front of the car to cool the electric motors and the brakes,” Adams said. “The air emerges from side vents, and then back into the rear to cool the V6 engine.”

The NSX was originally schedule to be released next year, but production has been delayed. Acura now plans to begin full production of the supercar next spring to release it as a 2017 model year. Further details on pricing and deliveries have not been announced.



Photo credit: Craig Howell CC BY 2.0