A “radar-gunlike” text-message detection device is “near production” for use by law enforcment to find out drivers distracted by texting at the wheel.

The device is being developed by ComSonics of Harrisonburg, Va., and it can spot the frequency of cell phone transmissions emanating from a moving vehicle, and discern between texting and cell phone frequencies.

This technology is already in use by cable repairmen to look for where a cable line is damaged, says the company.

ComSonics also provides calibration services for speed enformement equipment, so it has a tie-in to law enforcement services already.

But it’s still pending, said the company; hurdles to clear are necessary legislative approval and acceptance by law enforcement agencies.

The technology cannot read the text messages, so that, says the company, does away with privacy concerns.

PilotOnline via AutoGuide.