Mitsubishi Motors’ (MMC) team of seasoned drivers Greg Tracy and Hiroshi Masuoka grabbed both the first- and second-best times in the qualifying round of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb’s (PPIHC) Electric Division.

During the qualifying session held for the Electric Division, June 27, Greg Tracy clocked the quickest time in the Electric Division with a time of 3:56.287, while Hiroshi Masuoka posted a run of 3:57.777.

MMC said the one-two finish in the qualifying round bolsters the team’s hopes of capturing the overall title on the June 30 race day.

The MiEV Evolution II competition vehicle for this year’s PPIHC event utilizes components based on MMC’s production vehicles developed alongside partner suppliers.

The MiEV Evolution II’s new design features next-generation EV components including a high-capacity battery and enhanced electric motors for increased output. The team of MMC and its partners utilized valuable data retrieved from last year’s race in order to improve vehicle and driving performance by devising a quad-motor four-wheel drive (two front and two rear) format.

This design improves on last year’s i-MiEV Evolution, allowing for better handling and overall performance. The MiEV Evolution II retains MMC’s proprietary S-AWC (Super-All Wheel Control) system also used in the Lancer Evolution.

The 2013 PPIHC race week started June 24 at the World Arena Colorado Springs with vehicle technical inspections.

Starting the following day on June 25, the 12.42-mile (approximately 20km) course has been split into three different sections (Bottom, Mid, and Upper) for every competitor to test all three sections over the course of three days.

The Electric Division qualifying session was held within these test sessions, June 27.


Electric Division Qualifying Times

1 Greg Tracy                    MiEV Evolution II                 3min 56sec287

2 Hiroshi Masuoka       MiEV Evolution II                 3min 57sec777

3 Nobuhiro Tajima       Pikes Peak Special                  3min 58sec189

4 Rod Millen                  TMG EV P002                         4min 04sec331

5 Janis Horeliks             PP01                                         4min 19sec488

6 Ikuo Hanawa               HER-02                                   4min 46sec789

7 Roy Richards               Fit-EV                                      5min 28sec018