While improving the fuel and the engines of cars is a great way to go green, other efforts are needed. Pennzoil chose to improve its motor oil and found a way to produce it using natural gas as a base instead of crude oil.

Pennzoil recently introduced Pennzoil Platinum and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum with PurePlus Technology. These oils are full synthetic motor oils formulated from natural gas, said Pennzoil.

PurePlus Technology is a patented process that converts pure natural gas into the first-of-its-kind, high quality full synthetic base oil, added the oil company. The Pennzoil Platinum line of products made with PurePlus Technology is the first major development in motor oil in more than 40 years, stated Pennzoil.

“Pennzoil is paving the way for our industry by offering modern and inventive synthetic motor oils made from natural gas,” said Chris Hayek, Global Brand Director, Shell Lubricants Passenger Car Motor Oil. “What we like about PurePlus Technology is that it starts with a base of pure, crystal clear base oil made from natural gas with fewer of the impurities found in crude oil, which is the traditional base for many other conventional and synthetic motor oils. Using this technology in our products helps Pennzoil provide motorists with one of the most advanced, premium motor oils on the market.”

Pennzoil added its Platinum full synthetic motor oils with PurePlus Technology are designed to provide engines Complete Protection, without compromise. Complete Protection is defined as coverage on five key areas consumers deemed as most critical for motor oil performance: engine cleanliness, fuel economy, conservation of horsepower, wear protection, and performance in extreme temperatures.

According to Pennzoil, its Platinum premium motor oils keep pistons cleaner than any other leading synthetic, deliver better fuel economy, protect against horsepower loss, provide unsurpassed wear protection and deliver excellent performance in extreme temperatures.

The benefits of piston cleanliness, fuel economy and wear protection are derived from the combination of Pennzoil additive chemistry with PurePlus Base Oil, explained Pennzoil. PurePlus Base Oils are able to fully enhance the benefits of Pennzoil additive chemistry which allow the full formulations of Pennzoil Platinum and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum to deliver these consumer benefits.