In a series of tweets, Tesla chief Elon Musk is sharing details on the Model S P85D including that it will get a tad quicker to 60 thanks to a free over the air software update.

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The updates have been a part of owning Tesla’s new-paradigm electric sedan, and this update will change inverter algorithms to decrease 0-60 from 3.2 seconds by roughly 0.1 second to around 3.1 seconds.


The maximum-speed driving mode is called “Insane,” and Musk said this term was originally not meant to mean insane (and often illegal) antics we’re seeing aided and abetted by the fun machine were the intent.


Instead, it was supposed to be about “insane” snow traction, but the “insane” quickness – which is now getting a bit quicker – was just a side effect.

A video was posted to show what he means.

Musk’s Twitter account has quite the following, and has proven to be a news source many times over.