Tesla took the top rank in for the second year in a row in Consumer Reports’ annual owner satisfaction survey.

The Tesla, Porsche, Audi, and Subaru brands remained in the survey’s top four spots from last year. Tesla had jumped to the fifth position in the 2014 brand perception survey. This year, 91 percent of Tesla owners said they would buy their Tesla again, while 84 percent of No. 2-ranked Porsche would buy that vehicle again.

The study shows consumer sentiment by subscribers to Consumer Reports. Model satisfaction is ranked based on the percentage of vehicle owners who said “definitely yes” they would buy the same vehicle if they were to do it all over again. The list came from editors using a straight average of the satisfaction score for each brand’s models.

Subscribers to the consumer product rating publication may disagree with its editorial staff, who had added the Tesla Model X to its list of 10 least reliable cars in October. Editors found it to be “more showy than practical,” with its Falcon Wing doors taking too long to open and close; and that its second row didn’t fold, unlike every other SUV.

“Owner satisfaction is still tops, but reliability is a mixed bag: The Model S is average, but the Model X is well-below average, and among the 10 least-reliable models in our survey,” Consumer Reports said about the brand survey.

For the Tesla brand, the editors gave kudos to the Model S for being a “quick, surefooted, and practical four-door luxury car.”

The electric automaker was credited for already selling all-electric vehicles with a real-world range over 200 miles. The nationwide network of fast and free Supercharger stations was also acknowledged, along with a huge, “iPad-like touch screen” and automatic updates being sent to the vehicle over the airwaves.

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For this year’s ranking, two other brands saw positive signs. Lincoln moved up the list from 21st to 12th place. Hyundai made it from 24th place to 13th place.

On the other send of scale, Volkswagen, BWM, and Ram saw the largest drops. Volkswagen was likely to have felt the impact of “Dieselgate,” dropping from 16th place way down to 24th on the list. BMW dropped from sixth place to 14th, and the Ram brand fell from 5th place to 17th in the ranking.

The Nissan Murano sport utility vehicle is well liked by owners, but it wasn’t enough to save the brand’s ranking. Nissan came in second to last overall.

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