As vehicles incorporate higher numbers of computers and electronic components, the issue of upgrading, updating or replacing software gains importance; companies are now aiming at updating these software wirelessly, taking advantage of the newly connected side of cars.

Symphony Teleca Corporation (STC) and Movimento are two such companies. They announced both will offer a cost-efficient and secure platform for Over-the-Air (OTA) ECU delta software updates and cloud-based Vehicle Relationship Management (VRM).

They declared in a press release the combination of these industry-leading technologies provides the fastest track to market for auto OEMs requiring a fully managed VRM solution.

STC and Movimento explained configuring and managing the surging amounts of complex in-vehicle systems and software has emerged as one of the top challenges in the automotive industry today. Modern vehicles use an excess of 100 million lines of code included in over 30 unique controllers. As the great majority of driving experience advancements are now software-based, automotive OEMs are increasingly looking for integrated, cloud-based, sustainable and scalable solutions for software configuration management.

STC’s InSight Connect VRM is described as a comprehensive end-to-end vehicle relationship management solution that provides automotive grade, reliable, cost-effective, Over-the-Air software management, diagnostics, monitoring and analytics capabilities.

“The connected car revolution is happening right now and the need to keep the car software up-to-date is more critical than ever. It reduces recall and warranty costs and enables tailored software updates to any vehicle. Integrating our award-winning InSight Connect VRM cloud services platform with Movimento’s industry-leading technology and process for in-car ECU software updates is a logical step in maximizing the value we jointly bring to the automotive market,” said Robert Kempf, Vice President Marketing & Technology and Head of Connected Services, Symphony Teleca. “Together we deliver the most comprehensive VRM solution to the automotive industry that both supports remote software updates for arbitrary vehicle ECUs and promotes advanced telematics, diagnostics and analytics functionality.”

The integrated solution leveraging Movimento Venturo technology will enable OTA programming of software and firmware updates supporting all possible automotive communication network technologies, including but not limited to CAN, USB, Ethernet, FlexRay, LIN and MOST direct to consumer vehicles as well as on-line during vehicle assembly.

“Almost 70 percent of automotive recalls are due to software errors, causing tremendous cost to the automotive industry. Through working with major automotive OEMs and Tier 1s, our technology has proven to be a secure and market recognized solution for deploying automotive module software updates,” said Ben Hoffman, CEO, Movimento. “We have been working closely with STC since 2011 to define and develop an offering that brings the most comprehensive solution for automotive remote software management to the market. Vehicles are the ultimate mobile devices and consumers expect to receive software updates as they do for the other mobile devices in their life. However, the automotive industry demands an added level of robustness and security – addressing this unique challenge is where the Symphony Teleca and Movimento integrated offering will help OEMs enable an entire industry with secure and reliable Connected Cars.”

In short, this means manufacturers will eventually be able to update a vehicle’s software while the car sits in your driveway.