BMW announced there are now over one million vehicles on the road in the U.S. with active subscriptions to its BMW Assist telematics service.

This is a service that acts like a virtual safety net by communicating the car’s status to BMW, not unlike GM’s OnStar, for example. Communications include alerts to BMW regarding things like engine oil level and brake wear.

It also has capability of remote unlocking or locating a stolen car, and alerts BMW if an accident happens, including likelihood of severe injuries, among other communications.

BMW Assist was first launched in 1997. Starting with 2007 model year vehicles, BMW Assist included a four year subscription; today BMW Assist eCall and Teleservice, including ten years of service, is standard equipment in nearly all 2014 model year BMWs.

The telematic service added Automatic Collision Notification for model year 2000 and BMW believes it has made a difference in countless lives.

For the 2009 model year, BMW said its Automatic Collision Notification received a ground-breaking enhancement. Developed in cooperation with the William Lehman Injury Research Center at the University of Miami, the Urgency Algorithm was able for the first time to use data from the vehicle’s crash sensors and deliver to the call center a prediction of the likelihood of severe injury in addition to the vehicle’s location and other key information. This gives first responders the opportunity to better prepare themselves even before they arrive on the scene. For example, they can put a trauma center on alert in order to save precious minutes.

The development of this enhancement to Automatic Collision Notification and the inclusion of BMW Assist eCall with TeleService for ten years with nearly every new BMW model was seen as such an important industry milestone that BMW Assist was named “Best Telematics Safety & Security Solution” at the 2013 Telematics Update Detroit conference.

BMW added every car equipped with TeleService monitors its service needs, such as engine oil and brakes. When necessary, the vehicle transmits its status and service needs to BMW. The customer’s BMW Service Center can access the vehicle-related data and a BMW Service Advisor can then call the customer to schedule a convenient appointment.

As is the case with GM’s OnStar and other manufacturer’s systems, BMW Assist includes far more than eCall and TeleService. With BMW Remote Services, help is available if keys are locked inside the vehicle or if a BMW is ever stolen. A call to BMW Assist and the staff can remotely unlock the car. With its integrated telematics device, Stolen Vehicle Recovery helps to recover a BMW vehicle in the event it is stolen. A BMW Assist response specialist can remotely activate the BMW Assist system to locate the vehicle and then help the police recover it, added BMW.

BMW also added an upgrade from the standard package makes a concierge available 24/7, whether you need help with directions, or would like to make a dinner reservation.

BMW stated today, the owners and drivers of over one million BMW vehicles in the US enjoy the safety and convenience of BMW Assist.