Mitsubishi considers the launch of its Outlander PHEV in Europe to be a success.

With a plan for EVs and EV-derived PHEVs to represent 20 percent of its global sales by 2020, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has set itself an ambitious target, but one it said is a realistic target.

Mitsubishi Motors added Europe is its largest market for these technologies.

In this respect, the sales launch of MMC’s first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and forerunner of a wider PHEV range is very important.

First launched in selected markets (The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland) in October 2013, the Outlander PHEV has to this date cumulated over 12,000 orders in Europe and these have translated into 8,197 deliveries to end-customers by the end of December. 8,009 of these deliveries have been done in The Netherlands, numbers helped by a taxation favorable to eco-friendly technologies such as low-emission vehicles.

With more cars currently on their way to Europe, Mitsubishi Motor Sales Netherlands said it will soon be able to deliver the more than 11,000 orders currently in its books.

MMC added the Outlander PHEV will be progressively launched in other European markets throughout 2014, adding substantial volume whilst balancing this Dutch success.

MMC explained it estimates that Outlander PHEV global production volume will reach approximately 30,000 units produced between January’s 2013 launch and the end of March 2014. Full year 2014 capacity will be of more than 50,000 units, with Europe its largest market.