One race team in Australia is looking to dethrone Top Fuel dragsters with electric power.

Top EV Racing has its eyes set on achieving eight world speed and elapsed time records, in both drag racing and land speed. Led by electronic engineer Michael Fragomeni, Top EV Racing is working on a 1,000-volt, 5,000-some horsepower electric powertrain that will generate more than 17,000 pounds-feet of torque. The team believes it won’t take long before it can beat Top Fuel cars in the quarter-mile, and it’s likely the electric powertrain will be more reliable in doing so. The Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA), has already agreed to let the Top EV car race alongside Top Fuel cars once it’s sanctioned.

But beating Top Fuel dragsters isn’t the only goal for Top EV Racing. The team is eyeing land speed records too, with the goal of reaching 380 mph down an airplane runway. Recently, New Atlas had the opportunity to interview Fragomeni on the team and got a few updates. Currently, Top EV Racing is about 12 months away from a debut run, which means the car will have to complete a burnout, show it can launch, and complete the quarter- and half-mile tracks.

Unlike Top Fuel race cars, Top EV Racing is having to build everything from scratch, developing new technology along the way. Naturally, the idea is to build up a multi-car drag racing team, but to also have technology that can be used in everyday applications. The team’s end goal is to set eight world records, including best E.T. and top speed in both the quarter and eighth mile, the Guinness World Record for fastest accelerating electric vehicle, and fastest accelerating wheel-driven vehicle outright. Top EV Racing is also eyeing the land speed elapsed time and top speed records.

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