Car salespeople in Oregon stand to get a bonus from the state for each all-electric vehicle sold.

That would happen if legislation Oregon’s state senate is mulling becomes law and establishes a $1 million fund to pay bonuses of $250 for each EV sold.

There is one catch – salespeople who work for dealerships that sell only EVs would be exempt. That would rule out Tesla employees.

While there’s been talk of this bill applying to plug-in hybrids, it appears to pertain only to pure battery electric vehicles.

“’Electric motor vehicle’” means a vehicle designed for use as a mode of transportation
on public roads and highways that requires electrical current for propulsion. ‘Electric motor vehicle’ does not include a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle,” says House Bill 2514.

The term “plug-in hybrid” is not to be found in its wording.

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State Representative Bill Barnhart, the legislator who introduced the bill, said that the average bonus per sale for all cars in Oregon is $100 to $150.

The thought process goes like this – with an extra $250 on the line, a salesperson would have more incentive to teach consumers about the benefits of an EV. Not only that, but over time, as salespeople work harder to explain the benefits, they will become more comfortable with EVs themselves, in turn making it easier to sell them.

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Of course, there’s the basic reasoning that if salespeople are more incentivized to attempt to sell EVs, they will then try to sell more, and hopefully that will mean more on the road.

In Barnhart’s view, once the EV market gains more than 1 percent market share, EVs will gain further sales momentum. Last year, sales both plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles nationally were 0.9 percent of the market, and all-electric vehicles comprised 0.42 percent.

The bill passed the state’s Committee on Energy in March, but it faces roadblocks – namely concern about where the money will come from.

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