A report has it that Opel will cease offering the Ampera after next year’s redesign of the Chevrolet Volt upon which the Ampera is based.

Following abysmal sales, the word given by two “people familiar with the matter” to Automotive News Europe confirms again 2016 is the year for the next-gen Volt, but the Ampera is being cut loose – although GM officially refused to comment on future product.

Launched in 2012, and named European Car of the Year, Ampera sales were reportedly good at first, but for 2013 they declined 40 percent to 3,184 units, and this year through May they declined 67 percent to 332 cars sold.

Volt fans have often expressed the Ampera was the more attractively styled of the two plug-in variants built in Detroit, but Automotive News cited a 2013 comment of frustration by then GM Vice Chairman Steve Girsky as to its market acceptance.

“All the governments in Europe said, ‘We want EVs, we want EVs,'” he said from the 2013 Geneva auto show. “We show up with one, and where is everybody?”

In Germany, Opel’s home market, the GM product sold just 46 cars the first half of this year. That compares to 83 Ferrari F12s according to the German motor transport authority (KBA).

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