Ontario’s government has sweetened the deal for purchasers of plug-in electrified vehicles, including of Teslas, which were formerly locked out.

Drivers residing in Ontario that were interested in purchasing a Tesla were capped at receiving a $3,000 incentive for the automaker’s electric cars, as the government has a cap in place for vehicles that cost between $75,00 and $150,000. Ontario’s government, though, as Electrek reports, lifted the cap and lowered the base price of the Model S and X at the same time for buyers in Canada.

Ontario is now offering buyers between $6,000 and $14,000 in incentives to purchase or lease a battery-electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, reports the outlet. And that’s not just a Tesla exclusive. The changes apply to all EVs, but as the majority of electric vehicles are priced well below the $75,000 mark, the change is most notable for Tesla’s vehicles.

As Ontario’s government points out, the changes include: 1) removing the $3,000-incentive cap for EVs priced between $75,000 and $150,000; 2) eliminating a cap that limited incentives on EVs to 30 percent of the car’s MSRP; 3) offering the new incentives on vehicles produced by automakers that are a part of Ontario’s Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Advancement Partnership (EHVAP).

Electric vehicles that have an MSRP of $150,00 or above, though, are still excluded from the new set of incentives.

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As Electrek points out, Tesla’s are quite costly in Canada. The Model S 60 starts at $97,200 CAD, which is approximately $75,000, while the same vehicle carries a price tag of $71,300 in the U.S after all of the fees. The changes, according to the outlet, will lower the price of Tesla’s electric cars by $11,000 in Canada.

The changes that were made to Ontario’s Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program is the government’s attempt to help the province reach its goal of having five percent of new passenger vehicles that are sold or leased to be powered by electricity or hydrogen by 2020.

Electrek, Ontario News