Today KLD Energy Technologies announced its participation at the 2013 China International Green Vehicle Industry Expo at the Hangzhou Peace International Convention Center, July 12 to 14, 2013.

KLD Energy (KLD), along with Cenntro Motors, will showcase a four wheel chassis and three wheel product, both equipped with KLD’s oneDRIVE system.

This is the third annual Green Vehicle Industry Expo held in Hangzhou focusing on electric and alternative energy vehicles, core technologies, key components and related products.

Austin, Texas-based KLD describes itself as an emerging leader in electric drive system development.

“We are excited to take part in this year’s Green Vehicle Expo and officially debut our oneDRIVE system to the Chinese market. We recognize that China is a leader in the adoption of electric vehicles and electric system efficiency. KLD will be increasing our investment and expanding our presence in China in the near future,” said Christian Okonsky, Founder and CEO for KLD Energy. “oneDRIVE’s efficiency and scalability makes our system different than anything else on the market today. It is cost effective, safe, reliable and will provide more range than other systems.”

Designed for use in a variety of applications, KLD’s oneDRIVE is said by KLD to be a turnkey solution for companies in need of a complete propulsion system. oneDRIVE was exclusively engineered with the goal of creating the most advanced electric propulsion system optimized for peak performance and overall efficiency.

The system is engineered in the United States, and sold to the global market.

The oneDRIVE system components are, according to KLD, all designed to work in unison, making this one of the most unique systems in the electric marketplace and superior to any ‘pieced together’ system available.

Using the KLD design and strategic partnership with Samsung SDI, KLD believes it has created one of the safest, highest performing energy storage solutions in the industry.

KLD said its Lithium-Ion battery and energy system provides sustainable power that is flexible, highly efficient and easy to maintain while the efficient Battery Management System design ensures a high performance, longer-lived battery.