The Tesla referral program looks to have been a great success.

The second trial period for Tesla’s referral program has ended and the American automaker hasn’t announced a renewal, but it’s extremely possible, given its success. The top referrer currently has 188 referrals, equating to a possible $16 million in sales based on an average price of $85,000 per vehicle. For all his hard work, user Wei70644 will receive a Tesla Model S P90D worth approximately $130,000, a Tesla Powerwall worth around $3,000, and an invitation for two to the launch event of the Model 3 and the opening of the Gigafactory in Nevada.

During the first trial period for the referral program, Tesla offered a $1,000 incentive to the referrer as well as a $1,000 discount to the new buyer. During the second trial period, Tesla removed the $1,000 incentive to the referrer, leaving only the discount to the buyer. In lieu of the incentive, Tesla created a leaderboard and provided giveaways associated with the total number of referrals.

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The deal works well for Tesla, since the second trial period meant only the best referrer would get the giveaways as well as the first to 10 referrals per region. That means the best referrer behind Wei with 105 referrals will receive nothing, despite giving Tesla an approximate $9 million in sales.

The company recently announced that it delivered just over 50,000 vehicles last year, hitting its goal.


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