Longtime rivals Jeremy Clarkson and Tesla are on a collision course to meet again. This time, with a second Tesla review on Clarkson’s new automobile show, The Grand Tour.

This move comes not without controversy. In a 2008 Top Gear episode, Clarkson unloaded on the Tesla Roadster, firing off complaints about its range, claiming depletion after 55 miles versus Tesla’s claimed 200-mile range. Other commentaries by Clarkson focused on its recharge time, cost, handling, and an overheated motor plus a brake failure that may or may not have been caused by a blown fuse.

After that episode aired, Clarkson did not review a Tesla again – until now.

Many critics, including Elon Musk, said that Top Gear purposely manipulated its show with an episode script alleged to be discovered by a Tesla employee, which was said to contain a script on Tesla’s on-air breakdown. Musk also argued the episode car never went below a 20-percent charge, providing some support to the allegations.

After the episode aired, Tesla sued, claiming lost pre-orders on 200 Roadsters, lost sales, hurt pre-sale orders for the Model S, and a fractured reputation amongst the investing community and regular fans. In its lawsuit, Tesla also compared its dismal sales performance to the UK-based Lotus Elise, citing 7 percent of its sales. UK courts ultimately dismissed the case, citing a lack of proper evidence. A second appeal shared the same result.

“Clarkson’s [Top Gear] show is much more about entertainment than it is about truth … I think most people realize that but not everyone. I’ve actually enjoyed a lot of his shows. It’s not as though I just hate Top Gear or anything,” said Elon Musk in a 2013 BBC interview. “He can be very funny and irreverent. But he does have a strong bias against electric cars. His two pet peeves are American cars and electric cars, and we’re an American electric car. We’re in the worst possible situation for someone like Clarkson.”

In 1988, Clarkson debuted in his first television role as a presenter on Top Gear. Along with James May and Richard Hammond, Top Gear became one of the most watched shows in the United Kingdom with broadcast rights in over 100 countries. After a series of altercations and missteps with producers and offensive comments to multiple parties, Clarkson was let go by BBC.

Now, Clarkson’s new show, The Grand Tour, starts its second season on Dec. 8 as an Amazon Original Series.