Cheap oil and consequently inexpensive fuel may not last into next decade. A new article in the Energy Security Weekly Update, via Green Car Reports, claims oil prices may double by 2020.

A number of factors contribute to the analysis. Today’s current supplies have a razor-thin spare capacity to account for demand surges and natural disasters. Oil consumption in China is still growing and current output likely won’t match future demand while accounting for unexpected production outages.

Crude oil closed at $70 per barrel earlier this week, and growing demand could send prices to $150 per barrel in 2020. As a refresher, oil last peaked at $147 per barrel in 2008 and the surge sent consumers scurrying to purchase smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles. The potential oil price boom may flip electric-car sales estimates upside down and push consumers into greener vehicles once again.

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Analysts already expect electric-car sales to grow significantly from 2020-2040, especially as the price for batteries drops and electric vehicles come closer to cost parity with traditional automobiles.