March 25, 2007: Green Bay Press GazetteElectric-car Devotee Swears Off Use of Gasoline for a Year

Electrons, not gasoline, flow into the "tank" of this little car.

Summary: You can win a fight with City Hall, at least if you live in Wisconsin. That’s what Tracy Crawford did in order to drive her DaimlerChrysler GEM car on the streets of several nearby municipalities. Now she wants that momentum to take her further: a year without gasoline.

"Crawford is so intent on going a year without gas that she’s selling her Prius because at 50 mpg, it uses "too much" gasoline.

"She plans to use the money she spends insuring her Prius on a contingency fund."

Not everybody is ready to take that plunge, but if Crawford can pull it off for a year, more people might consider trying. Crawford herself says that she hopes to grow so accustomed to the gas-free lifestyle that she never goes back.


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