Are you interested in helping dependent people, lending support to Fiat’s electrification efforts, and getting a new 500e electric car personalized by a Hollywood celebrity?

If so, head over to eBay and see how the bids are going for an auction for nine 500e electric cars personalized by the likes of Clint Eastwood, Barbra Streisand, Anne Hathaway, Ron Howard, and other top stars. Each of the vehicles has an etched signature on the glove box by the celebrity.

The auction has been running since last Saturday, Oct. 12, and goes 10 days until Monday, Oct. 22, ending at 8 p.m. ET.

On Saturday also, the first 500e personalized by actor Hugh Jackman (Wolverine on “X-Men”) was purchased for $50,000.


Thus far, the top bid for the cars remaining is $20,100 for the Clint Eastwood-personalized 500e with 5 days, 9 hours to go.

The complete list of celebrities who’ve personalized 500e electric cars for sale is: Jennifer Lawrence, Clint Eastwood, Anne Hathaway, Ron Howard, Barbra Streisand, Hans Zimmer, Kate Hudson, and Ryan Friedlinghaus.

All proceeds go to the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF) which will assist “in providing its services of healthcare, financial relief and retirement living to the more than 150,000 people it helps yearly.”


Winning bidders will be asked to pick up their 500e(s) at Orange Coast Fiat in Costa Mesa, Calif.

The promo is all part of the Fiat “Into the Green” program, originated November 2012, and designed “with the aim of promoting and raising awareness of the all-electric Fiat 500e.”