Norway has added the world’s largest DC fast-charging station to its achievements, up there with being the largest global market for plug-in electrified vehicles as a share of new vehicle sales.

A fast-charging site capable of charging 28 electric cars opened Thursday in Nebbenes, a rural town about 40 miles from Oslo. The charging station hosts all three of the DC fast charging systems available on the global market – CHAdeMO, Combined Charging Standard (CCS), and Supercharger.

The charging site opened Thursday with a celebration attended by numerous electric-car drivers, including 150 Tesla owners, as described in a blog post by the Norsk elbilforening (Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association). At about 40 miles away, Nebbenes is still within electric driving range of what the association describes as “EV capital Oslo.”

Integrating all three fast-charging systems covers the bases for the Norwegian PEV market. The CHAdeMO standard prevails with Asian carmakers, while most U.S. and all German automakers use the Combined Charging Standard (CCS) for DC fast charging.

The Tesla Model S has done well in Norway sales, and has access to Superchargers at the new charging station. Tesla also sells adapters that allow electric cars with CHAdeMO plugs to use Superchargers, according to Green Car Reports.

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Norway prides itself on being the strongest global PEV market. In a comparison of total new vehicle sales since the launch of the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt, Norway has dominated sales. From 2011 through June 2016, Norway had 28.4 percent of its new vehicle sales made up of PEVs, followed by California at three percent and the U.S. market at 0.75 percent, according to

While Norway’s transport ministry has backed away from banning all fossil-fuel vehicles, the government is still committed to growing PEV sales. PEV drivers pay no road tax, registration fee, sales tax, or value-added tax.

Electric car drivers can also tap into free public parking, free public charging, free ferry transport, and are exempt from tolls on roads, bridges, and tunnels. Finding more DC fast charging stations should also help boost enthusiasm for PEV ownership.

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