Northeastern states have initiated a new project aimed at advancing electric vehicle infrastructure in the region.

The project, called the ‘Northeast Corridor Regional Strategy for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, aims to build an extensive multi-state charging network to expand EV range given the size and proximity of participating states, along with initiatives to reduce home and work charging costs. Other areas focus on ongoing customer education about electric vehicles.

The 12 participating states include Connecticut, Delaware,District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia.

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“While these states are already making substantial investments in charging infrastructure and offering a range of policies and programs to promote driving electric, the strategy will help accelerate awareness of the growing number of charging stations and ensure the deployment of a robust charging network that meets the needs of the growing and projected community of electric car drivers” said Elaine O’Grady, a senior policy advisor working on the the ‘Drive Change. Drive Electric.’ campaign.

Funded by public and private investments, the initiative will also rely on up to $108-million in earmarked money from Volkswagen’s Clean Air Act violation funds towards fuel infrastructure and a $2-billion infusion by Electric America. Other divestitures include $200-million by utility companies. A separate project,” Drive Change. Drive Electric” also comprises seven Northeast corridor states and 16 automakers to promote consumer awareness on electric vehicles, with a focus on informing consumers about available local and federal incentives.