Last year saw the best plug-in electrified vehicle sales in history for Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland and combined they crossed a cumulative 100,000 unit milestone.

According to a report by Insero, the Nordic countries bought 47,910 PEVs in 2015 alone, promoted by incentives of varying measures along with more choices thanks to new models rolling out.

Fourth quarter sales in Denmark saw a spike of 280 percent over Q3 in no small part because tax incentives were due to expire Jan. 1, 2016. As a result, consumers bought 2.500 PEVs out of the year’s 4,700 total, and of these nearly 2,000 were Teslas.

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The incentive connection, according to Insero analyst Søren Bernt Lindegaard also influenced Sweden’s PEV sales. Specifically the central economic incentive Supermiljöbilspremie subsidized by € 14 million from the government boosted sales from a decline in Q3 2015 by offering a discount on the PEVs.

But, as has been reported Norway is far-excelling and also saw a big push with over 2,000 PEVs monthly last year as the government has incentivized PEVs to make them closer to a no brainer. Buyers are exempt from registration tax, VAT, and road tax. They also have access to free charging, and free driving in bus lanes.

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At the same time, policymakers are trimming back various incentives through this decade. As the PEVs increase in number, and incentives are gradually reduced, eyes will be on how well the transition continues as other market forces – such as better and cheaper and more cars – come into play.

Tip of the hat to Mario R. Duran.