Much like Mercedes-Benz’s plans to produce an all-electric EQ S sedan alongside the S-Class, a C-Class sized EQ sedan will also come to market.

That’s the word from C-Class chief engineer Christian Frueh. He confirmed the strategy with Autocar and said the C-Class will not gain a battery-electric variant. He told the publication that Mercedes-Benz will instead focus on hybrid variants for the regular C-Class. The unnamed EQ sedan will boast a separate design as well.

Most of Mercedes’ EQ vehicles have taken the name of their internal-combustion engined counterparts. The EQ A will be A-Class sized; the EQ S will be sized like an S-Class. However, the EQ C name is already reserved for the brand’s electric SUV, due in 2019. The SUV will arrive with around 300 miles of range and two electric motors will provide about 400 horsepower.

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So far, the EQ A, EQ C, and EQ S are the three confirmed vehicles coming as part of the German luxury brand’s 10 electric models coming by 2025. By 2022, Mercedes wants every single model to feature an electrified variant. Options for said strategy will include 48-volt mild-hybrids, full hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery-electric models.

Mercedes’ bet on electrified cars in the future will set the German luxury brand back $13.6-billion, plus another $1-billion investment for its battery factories.