In the latest about new cabs for London, we’ve learned Nissan’s London EV cab final assembly will be done in the UK.

Nissan has revealed that Coventry-based ADV Manufacturing will be responsible for the final assembly of its new Taxi for London. Nissan’s vehicle, based on the NV200 small van, is due to hit the streets of the British capital later this year.

According to Nissan, ADV will build the new production facility for Nissan’s new Taxi for London adjacent to its existing premises in Coventry, with a view to delivering the first gasoline-powered versions in December 2014. The all-electric variant of the black cab, whose final design was unveiled in London earlier this month, will be launched by Nissan in 2015.

Nissan explained ADV was selected as the final assembly partner on the basis of its expertise and track record in the production of specialist vehicles, and on its ability to meet Nissan’s rigorous manufacturing standards.

The base vehicle will be sourced from Nissan’s Barcelona factory where most NV200 are built and shipped to the ADV plant in Coventry for final taxi assembly.

ADV explained the taxi transformation includes new bodywork, taxi interior install and revised suspension and steering.

Nissan designed a new front end to its London NV200 Taxi to accommodate the city’s authorities style requests while the interior has been adapted to the needs of London’s taxi operators.